Working Momma @ Home Momma @ Home

So much has changed over the last months with the quarantine period that has got me and my other momma friends talking about the struggle of being at home while maintaining a full time job. You may certainly relate to some of what I am about to discuss. A recent conversation I had with a close friend of mine was about the appreciation all this gave us for stay at home moms. The responsibility of having to take care of your child or children all day long takes a different level of commitment – there is no lunch hour break. At the same time having to find a way of keeping them engaged in a productive and fun way all day takes another level of creative thinking and innovation. At all age levels they are in need of constant mental stimulation – and if you can’t give up with their voracious desire to be engaged it feels like failure.

This isn’t to say that the working mom challenge under this quarantine environment is lesser in magnitude. I actually have to say the dual responsibility of being a stay at home mom and an employee with deliverables and responsibilities that aren’t abated or accommodating of our responsibilities towards our families can sometimes seem like an insurmountable challenge. How do you make sure you have enough time to keep your children engaged and meet deadlines that aren’t lax, answer to the demands of a working environment that doesn’t cut you any slack? Of course I am biased as a working mom, so I empathize with my fellow working moms in this time – and the best I can do is say the following to each and every one of you..

You can’t be superwoman to everyone and you have got to cut yourself some slack – you are doing the best you can possibly do!

You are strong for being a bedrock for your family in these times!

The sacrifices you make day in and day out aren’t in vain…

To my sister stay at home mommas…

Your devotion to your family is never taken for granted and your sacrifices will never be in vain…

— AOmotayo