Parenting our kids through COVID and more our kids through COVID and more

These are really tough times, not just economically as a nation but the spirit of this country has been broken – at least to me – the division is deep, it bleeds into neighborhoods and homes. The fear mongering the display of hate the assault on rights and equality all of just a lot! I don’t look at the issue from a political angle because clearly those on that side of the issue are motivated by self-preservation. At the end of the day they are the best covered, with access to the best, it’s the rest of us! Who can’t seem to agree on how we should be towards one another who can’t seem to see that we have a lot more at stake and a lot more of what we desire is in fact the same.

I think what hurts me the most in all of this are the innocent bystanders…our kids…who didn’t ask for this mess, can’t exercise any right are depending on us as their protectors and as adults to make informed decisions for their greater good.

Instead I have heard stories of children telling their friends they can’t be friends anymore in the Black Lives Matter movement. Instead our children are stuck at home deprived of the best part of an education at life. Social interaction. Instead our children are confined…



I have seen the bright side in all this as well but somehow the bright side isn’t shining through the darkness of it all.

Can we just do better to protect if not ourselves our children?

— admin