About Zaraland Club

I watch my daughter Zara go to the library each day with so much anticipation and excitement. Sure it’s storytime and playtime almost everyday, there are toys, there are other kids for her to play with and interact and build friendships with..but I was led to believe it was so much more than just that…

Her experiences resulted in new habits I noticed at home, she lost interest in screens or I should say became more interested in the books I had bought and piled up from every county library sale I could attend..

She would often pick one and hand it to me to read and then sit on my lap eager to hear the story. It didn’t matter how many times I read the same book or shuffled through her selections for the day. Her excitement was a focus I had never seen, it seemed like in each word and image she was captivated by the plot and the characters. I concluded with each time she attend storytime in the library something magical was happening. These stories became an adventure that she and her friends were part of…and so birth “The Adventures of Zaraland”……


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